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Kalispell, Montana 59901

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Quality Certified Organic Produce

What We Do...

Access Organics, Inc. is a sales company

"Representing Growers of Quality Certified Organic Produce"
in the market place.

Contact Us...

If you are an organic farmer who wants to put our

experience to work getting your produce to market.
If you are a produce market looking for

Quality Certified Organic Produce.

What We Provide...

Quality sales.
Continuous customer service.
Daily harvest management geared toward sales.
Inventory monitoring and control.
Rotation of product in the cooler to keep it fresh.
Facilitation of truck dispatching when
Shipping points in the Central and Western United States.
Billing and accounts receivable collection.
Prompt payment for product sold.

We Can Do It All For You...

Quality Sales.
Follow Up.
Billing & Collection.

Prompt Payment to You.